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Madonna sagt - deutsch
Madonna says... is a project on poetic communication. Everybody is invited to take part.
Individual poems are sent out to the participants, who can react upon the texts using the card. The answer could be another text or any artistic manipulation of the card itself.
... you can answer by another poem, print on the card, dip it into ink, rip it apart, put the pieces in a small empty egg or place it in a big box and adress it to me ...

The postcard becomes a medium blending both poetry and object, a transmitter of immaterial and material communication.

Until now there are participants from 16 countries with more then 250 artworks:
Netherlands, France, England, Austria, Italy, USA, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Brasil, Argentine, El Salvador, Egypt, Japan.

The artworks / results are shown here on the website first and archived in different galleries. They are also documented in different exhibitions, forming at the same time an extension of the project.

Exhibitions, performances, readings and workshops are planned for in 2004/05 at the
95. German Catholic Day, Ulm, 16. - 20. June, in Gøteborg / Sweden at the Museum Röda Sten, San Salvador / El Salvador, Prague / Czech Republic and Boulder / USA.

A hand made limited artist's book is available.
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Galerie Panik, Pfarrkirchen 1998
Schule für Dichtung, Vienna, Austria 1998
Bayerische Staatsoper Mu
nich 2001
Diözesanmuseum, Limburg 2002
Theatermuseum, Hannover 2002
Cafe Maria, Munich 2003
Dombergmuseum, Freising 2003
Zeige Deinen Glauben! / SShow Your Faith, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich 2003/2004
95. German Catholic Day, Ulm,
16. - 20. June 2004
Kunstmühle Rosenheim 2004/05